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In order for us to crack this password, we need to first extract its hash.Bastion is an easy 20 points machine on hackthebox.It is about mounting a file over the network, retrieving password hashes from backups (via SAM) and a privilege escalation that involves stored credentials in m Remote NG.Passwords are the most commonly used method for user authentication.Passwords are so popular because the logic behind them makes sense to people and they’re relatively easy for developers to implement.A well-designed password-based authentication system doesn’t store a user’s actual password.This would make it far too easy for a hacker or a malicious insider to gain access to all of the user accounts on the system.Instead, authentication systems store a password hash, which is the result of sending the password — and a random value called a salt — through a hash function.Hash functions are designed to be one-way, meaning that it is very difficult to determine the input that produces a given output.

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