Headphone calibration Archives

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Headphone calibration Archives

By using state of the art calibration technology, SoundID Reference identifies the differences and calibrates every headphone to perform as close to reference as possible. Our technology can squeeze the last drop of performance out of your existing headphones. If preferred, you can buy a new pre-calibrated set.

SoundID Reference - Individually Calibrated Headphones
news item which caught my eyes, just thought I'd share it with you guys.I haven't investigated any further yet, but I thought this was potentially interesting.According to their WEB site:"A full frequency sweep along the audible range produces a frequency response data. I could understand if they just provide a compensating data to correct certain models, but it sounds like they somehow can calibrate your headphones.We employ a unique patent pending measurement technology that delivers data in a way that illustrates how a set of headphones will be heard by real people."Huh? How can they do this without some sort of calibrated transducer to measure the output.But what do I know, I'm just a simple accordion player, oh and a simple electronics design engineer... In case you're unfamiliar with it, the software is a room/headphone calibration system to flatten out the EQ of your mixing environment.The tool has the ability to flatten your physical speakers (by measuring the room with a measurement microphone) as well as a chosen set of headphones.I'm wondering if I can set that up in Reaper a bit better so I don't have to manually switch the plugin back and forth between speaker and headphone mode if I want a quick peak at how things sound in headphones.I was hoping I could set up TWO master outputs so that I could use a separate FX chain for both.So I could have Master 1/2 set to use the speaker calibration, but set Master 3/4 to use the headphone calibration, and have all other tracks feed both of these automatically But it doesn't look like this is possible?

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